2400 24 Volt D.C. Battery Backup Pump



Combining NexGen’s high standard quality with state-of-the-art design,
the self-contained submersible Model 2400 is the powerful and dependable
back-up pump to meet the market needs. The new Model 2400 is the
answer to known customer problems – primary pump failure, power
outage, and insufficient primary pump capacity. The straight 24 volts of power
is the key – twice the power of most competition. It is available
by means of two 12 volt deep-draw group 27 marine batteries
for approximately 50 hours cycle time. 24 volt power means
15-1/2 feet total head – more than adequate for the average
residential basement. 

System includes:

  • 2400 pump, 24V 7 amp battery charger;
  • 2 battery cases, jumper cable with built-in fuse holder
  • Independent power source keeps the system always at the ready
  • Pressure activated diaphragm switch for precise water level detection
  • Cool running
  • Powerful 24-volt motor
  • 50 gal. per min. at 5 ft. head*
  • Totally submersible
  • 9-1/2 ft. power cable
  • 3 year warranty

Using fresh, fully-charged group 27 batteries, the 2400 will cycle as a normal sump pump
40 cycles/hour for approximately 50 hours.

First built-in Alarm Pump

Power outage alarm

Failed battery alarm

Primary pump failure alarm

Back-up pump activation alarm