Repair Kits Available

RK3300 and RK6600:

The RK3300 and RK6600 are general repair kits we use for all our pumps.
Each repair kit has the accessories any homeowner can use to renew or repair the Air Pressure Switch in their NexGen pumps back to working order.
The kit includes:

  • A new Air Pressure Switch.
  • An o-ring along with a small bottle of Permatex to ensure the cover seal is maintained after repair.
  • Two smaller o-rings to keep the Air Pressure Switch air tight.
  • Desiccant pack(s) to ensure zero corrosion on the leads.
  • New cover top for the RK3300¬†to ensure a new, perfect seal.






For any other repairs, please feel free to call our office at 1-815-678-PUMP
Or email us at